Welcome to Epic Care 

At Epic Care, it is our goal to provide quality healthcare to our patients throughout the East Bay area. We are passionate about restoring your health in the most effective way for your body and quality of life. To do so, our staff is composed of expert doctors, surgeons, and nurses who truly care about their patients and will work exceedingly hard to provide accurate diagnoses and healing treatments.

Our Mission

As a multi-specialty healthcare provider committed to providing high quality, personalized, value-driven care to our patients, it is our mission to deliver the following:

  • A caring environment supported by 60 + specialists throughout the East Bay area
  • High quality and exceptional care combined with education, training and expertise in support of patients and their families
  • A comprehensive patient experience by leveraging our shared Epic EHR and aligning with community providers and hospitals

Our Services

Epic Care in the East Bay area has a number of convenient locations to serve all of our patients. We specialize and provide the following medical services and care:

Patient Resources

We want to make the navigation of your care easy and smooth. For this reason, we offer a number of patient resources online like our find a doctor feature, our TeleHealth information and tips, and a Patient Advocate Team should you need additional support. We hope that these resources will not only help you receive the care you need, but also make the process more accessible. If at any point before, during, or after your care, you have questions or concerns, please ask a member of our Epic Care team for assistance.

Contact Epic Care

If you are looking for expert doctors and surgeons in surgery and oncology, contact Epic Care in East Bay. We are committed to providing high quality healthcare, close to home. To schedule an appointment, find a location near you! We look forward to hearing from you soon!


Our brother was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer and only a month later he started chemotherapy. As you would imagine, it was a scary journey for him, but with the amazing, caring, and professional crew at Epic Care he realized he was not alone. He received chemo 3 times a month, and by his second treatment, he actually enjoyed going to chemo! The Epic Care team is a Godsend. Special shout out to Diana and the crew. I will never forget how much care you all took care of our brother. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

– Carmen

Going through this is not easy, add the threat of COVID-19, and I have been especially limited to what I can do. The entire Epic Care team is made up of wonderful people that I looked forward to spending time with. Albeit brief interactions, each visit was such a pleasure. I felt safe, welcomed, and knew they were taking every extra step to keep me and the other patients safe.

– Gary

If you have to join the fight against cancer, be glad you can do it with Epic Care by your side. I can confidently say these doctors saved my life.

– Gina

After a terminal diagnosis, I made a conscious decision not to waste time feeling sorry for myself – it’s a waste. At 74 years old, I’ve lived a wonderful life, one of integrity with zero guilt, a strong and loving marriage filled with love and laughter, a successful business and career, and I did it all surrounded by extraordinary friends who love and support me. I’ve lived a life fulfilled. I choose to keep that as my focus each day. in about a month, I’ll have another MRI at Epic Care in Pleasant Hill, and regardless of that prognosis or timeline, I know I’ve been in the best of hands and I’ll continue on as I have."

– Dede

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