A Bariatric Surgery Success Story!

It’s no secret, losing weight is difficult, and for some, seemingly impossible.

For many, as the pounds increase, so do many health risks. High blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and depression contribute to reduced life expectancy forcing many to choose between life and death.

Fortunately, with bariatric weight loss surgery, many people can lose weight, keep it off, and regain their quality of life. Whether you’ve struggled with diet and exercise or have health conditions that make losing weight nearly impossible, there may be an option.

Marcelo Cadillo is living proof. 

With the help of Epic Care surgeon, Dr. Aileen Murphy, Marcelo committed to make major life changes and ultimately underwent bariatric weight loss surgery. Now, twelve months later, Marcelo is 283 lbs. lighter than his previous weight of 650 lbs., and he is living life to the fullest.

“I’ve been big my whole life,” explained Marcelo. “And I was made fun of. I always said I was going to lose weight naturally, but I had to admit that I was too sick. I couldn’t even walk to my driveway without being in excruciating pain. After hearing good things about Epic Care and their doctors, I attended a weight loss seminar and trusted in the guidance of Dr. Murphy until I was approved for surgery.”

Marcelo’s journey to better health and weight loss has been filled with many non-scale victories, such as fitting in the seat of an airplane, swimming, working out with a trainer, and even buying underwear off the rack! When asked what’s next, Marcelo said, “Although it hasn’t been an easy road, I’m not giving up and I want to share my story to help others.”

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